This commercial, devised by the talented crew at Brand Articulation, Amsterdam was directed by Riley Blakeway. All shot in January 2020 in Capetown, SA, I arranged for local VFX supervisor Claudio Pavan to look after the technical side of the shoot. I then packed up the Flame and flew it (and myself) over to Amsterdam and set up an online suite in the "crypt" at BA ’s amazing space.

VFX included all the usual clean up of signage and making sure all locations were "generic" as well as creating the projected start lines, signs, screens etc.

10 days later we had 98 deliverables ready for distribution - then - Covid... cut to June, and adidas had decided that this was a prime piece of creative to be reworked as a "Covid Safe" advertisement. After another week, this time in the splendid isolation of my Rural studio, of digitally removing excess actors from selected scenes, I resupplied all 98 deliverables ready to get the world running again as soon as lock down is relaxed!