This job was an exhilarating and exciting journey from beginning to end; loads of fun to work on and giving everyone involved a great sense of achievement. It had a fantastic reception worldwide and is still one of the most popular antipodean commercials to date.

The wonderful script gave us a perfect opportunity to road test “Massive” – the brand new crowd replication software that had just been developed. It was shot over three very diverse weather days near Queenstown in New Zealand’s South Island. As a result there was a lot to be done in post to provide weather continuity in the shots. Despite the script calling for hundreds of extras, we only had a meagre 350 people to work with. Subsequently all aerial crowd shots were created using completely 3D people, and that is where “Massive” came in. Without it, the post production process would have been a very long and laborious slog!

Big Ad has won major awards. As 2DVFX Supervisor I was also asked to write various articles on the making of “The Big Ad”, I’ve included This one that I wrote for Ron Brinkmann’s “The Art and Science of Digital Compositing”.